The Washington Clean Energy Testbeds are operated by the University of Washington Clean Energy Institute. The Testbeds are a 15,000 square foot laboratory and collaborative workspace that enables start-ups and established businesses open access to state-of-the art R&D facilities. The Testbeds provide access to the instrumentation, training, and expertise necessary to scale next-generation clean energy devices and systems.  Benefits of working at the Testbeds include:


– World-class equipment and platforms to scale-up and test solar and energy storage devices and manufacturing processes, including those for flexible electronics, 3D printing, and other methods of additive manufacturing

– Extensive microscopy, metrology, surface, fluids, and compositional rapid characterization tools along with full battery and solar cell and module testing

– Environmental module and product testing

– Real-time digital simulator and hardware-in-the-loop systems to evaluate power controls and microgrid models

– On-site research scientists to assist with training and testing; Testbeds users retain all rights to the intellectual property they develop at the Testbeds

– Classrooms and office space for meetings and workshops

– Entrepreneur-in-Residence and Investor-in-Residence programs to foster healthy growth of early-stage cleantech and clean energy companies

– A pay-as-you-go, open access business model for equipment time, facilities, and staff expertise


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