Develop at-scale processes and engineer prototypes

Equipped to enable everything from complex materials synthesis to full device fabrication, this lab aims to bridge the gap between fundamental R&D and real-world production environments.

A researcher prepares the FOM Technologies Solar-X3 roll-to-roll processor to slot-die coat solar materials

Our industry-grade materials synthesis equipment has supported development teams working on everything from all-natural hand soap formulations to battery electrolyte synthesis.

Once proprietary inputs have been perfected, our lab supports their transformation into a functional prototype. Additive manufacturing techniques – such as screen printing, slot-die coating, advanced ink jet printing, and 3D printing – are complemented by a broad suite of traditional fabrication tools, enabling the production of prototypes with properties that are accurate, precise, and consistent.

For those moving beyond prototyping, our FOM coating systems (including a world class Roll-to-Roll processing facility) provide users with efficient, high-throughput multilayer coating, print patterning, and thermal treatment of materials for photovoltaics, sensors, optical films, and an array of thin-film devices.