From high-powered microscopy to full-grid-scale simulation

The Testbeds are designed with rapid, cost-effective iteration as a functional goal. To deliver this capability, we offer two separate analysis suites that enable materials and device analysis in Scale-Up & Characterization and Systems Integration Testbeds.

  • Materials Characterization Lab

    Advanced devices often rely on product properties that can only be accurately evaluated at a microscopic level. For this reason, we’ve developed one of the country’s leading open-access materials characterization labs. A variety of rapid-scan materials analysis equipment affords users immediate, comprehensive feedback on various formulations, fabrication processes, and energy devices. Industry leading solar simulators and battery cyclers allow our users to evaluate new energy device prototypes with live, iterative, diagnostic programs. 

  • Systems Integration Lab

    Our Systems Integration Testbed combines power systems hardware, energy storage instrumentation, and real-time simulation capabilities to create an environment uniquely suited to demonstrating and testing dynamic power systems. Our lab’s Opal RT real-time digital simulator provides users the ability to test their devices in a simulated power grid environment via integrated hardware-in-the-loop capabilities.