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Inkjet Printers – Electrohydrodynamic

SIJ 050

Electro-hydrodynamic inkjet-printer from SIJ Technology, Inc. This printer uses glass capillary tubes as jetting “nozzles” and is capable of jetting organic or water-based fluids with a wide range of viscosities (1cP to ~10000cP). Super-fine nozzles are capable of printing high-resolution traces with line-width and spacing in the order of 1 µm, using conducting, semiconducting and insulating materials. Print area is 50mm x 50mm, and supporting table has vacuum to facilitate the use of plastic substrates.

SIJ 150

Multi-nozzle electro-hydrodynamic inkjet-printer from SIJ with all the same capabilities as the SIJ-050 system, and with an additional micro-spraying head. The SIJ-150 possesses 5 nozzles that can be operated simultaneously, allowing for the sequential printing of different layers of a device (e.g. conducting wires and insulators) in a streamlined process. Print area is 150mm x 150mm (with vacuum) and speeds of up to 50 mm/s are possible.