Systems Integration Instrumentation

Instrument Description
Powin Energy Battery Energy Storage System Powin Energy Battery Energy Storage System:
A 40 kWh/30 kW battery system with bidirectional capability can be used to test the limits of innovative battery management systems and for energy management during grid-scale simulations.
Opal-RT Digital Simulator Opal-RT Digital Simulator:
Real-time digital simulation will allow researchers to model commercial and grid-scale system performance under normal and extreme conditions. The simulator’s integrated computing, energy harvesting and storage, and simulation capabilities allow for testing of dynamic algorithms.
UW Campus Energy Control Center UW Campus Energy Control Center:
The UW Campus Energy Control Center will provide users with data from devices and systems across campus, including photovoltaic panels installed on university buildings by UW Solar, smart meter data from all campus buildings, and a building-scale battery located on campus.