Scale-Up & Characterization Testbed

The Scale-Up and Characterization Testbed will provide facilities for prototyping and testing devices at scale. Devices can be fabricated using a variety of industrial printing techniques, such as sheet coating, screen printing, 3D printing, and roll-to-roll printing with options for processing materials in controlled humidity and temperature environments. Once built, new devices can be rigorously tested with solar simulators, battery cyclers, electroanalytical equipment, digital and scanning electron microscopes, a profilometer, an X-ray diffractometer, and a variety of spectrometers.  This suite of fabrication and analysis equipment will allow for successful prototypes to be further developed and translated to commercial production through state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.

The FOM Solar-X3 roll-to-roll printer in the Washington Research Foundation Roll-to-Roll Processing Facility provides unique at-scale ink processing techniques for commercial device fabrication. The printer is designed for efficient, high-throughput multilayer coating, print patterning and thermal treatment of materials for photovoltaics, sensors, optical films and thin-film devices.

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