Case Studies

Testbeds Community Profile: Second Life for Used Batteries

Bii recently installed a solar + storage system using repurposed hybrid bus batteries. The system provides broadband internet access to 700 customers in a remote area of British Columbia. Pictured l-r: Al Mundy and Matthew Murbach of Battery Informatics, Inc.[/caption]

Driving Innovation in Electric Transportation

Electrifying our transportation system and reducing the number of vehicles powered by fossil fuels can have a dramatic impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. At the heart of this effort is more efficient, longer lasting electric vehicle batteries. The University

Hold the Presses: Flexible Electronics Support Clean Energy

The ability to print electronics using roll-to-roll printers, screen printing techniques, and three-dimensional techniques will revolutionize how energy is generated, measured and stored. Applications using these advanced manufacturing techniques range from thin-film photovoltaics, to organic light emitting diodes for touch